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Finding Joy

Lower Your Bar

In writing this post I run the risk of being a total heretic. In the world of faith, the advice I’m about to give could really come across the wrong way, and to be honest, at some point I’ll probably write a post exactly…

October 23, 2013

And God Answereth Him in the Joy of His Heart

 I think God’s nature is a happy one. I mean, if He created babies to laugh, invented vibrant colors, and designed winter to turn to spring, He probably enjoys being happy. And if happiness is part of His nature, we naturally resonate with happiness,…

September 15, 2013

Learning to Be Grateful For Our Bodies

I am a dancer. It’s a word that defines me, and hopefully always will. I want to dance while I brush my teeth, like my mother always does, until my dying day.    The dance world has this silly thing going on. The entire…

September 9, 2013