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Family History for the Whole Family : #52stories

We are excited to share with you a project put together by some amazing people over at FamilySearch and Allison Kimball with handlettering by Kensie Kate. We love these cards that help you tell your story and can’t wait to show you some practical ways to…

October 15, 2017

Telling Stories, Connecting Hearts

I hate journaling. I have started maybe 20 journals in my life. For some reason I just keep buying them (it probably has something to do with my obsession with school supplies). I start with the best intentions and I’ll write maybe 5-6 pages…

October 9, 2017

October : Family History Month

My grandma was an entertainer, a poet, a writer and a cook. And so, so much more. She passed away when I was only 14. I think of her often, especially when I think about knowing her in my adult years. How fun it…

October 2, 2017