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How can we be unified when we are so different?

I am so excited to feature my good friend, Chelsey, who has been an excellent example to me of strength and unity in her marriage, even in the midst of hard times.  I love talking with her about faith, because she always motivates me…

June 30, 2017

Story of Faith: Brian Geeding

God wants us to know He is real. If we want to truly know, then we ask the question. "Will you help me to see where you are today?" He meets us where we are. …

August 6, 2014

Stories of Faith: Cara Brook

I think all my life I was waiting for a miracle and finally, when I was ready, when I was willing to do my part, I got one. …

June 27, 2014

Stories of Faith: Kallie Stoddard

Things get real in that moment after you have a child. You realize you’re a grown-up and someone is looking to you for guidance, direction, comfort, and security – for everything, really.  And that real-life moment happens again and again and again. My story…

June 4, 2014

Stories of Faith: Emily Booth

"There were no slaps in the face, no billboards with my name saying "Hey, God loves you!” But when I stop and count the blessings I have been given, I know that I am a beloved child of Heavenly Parents. Even if…

July 26, 2013

Stories of Faith: Kortney Lelle

"As I listened to these words it was someone else’s voice I began to hear, my Lord and Savior calling out that now was the point in my life to turn and take a short cut—missing all the pain and emptiness that I would…

May 17, 2013