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Our 5 Best (Inner) Beauty Tips

Lately beauty has been on my mind, and for an exciting reason! Tomorrow we get to share a really special story of faith from someone who has meant so much to our team, and who also happens to be kind of a big deal…

June 26, 2014

Learning to Be Grateful For Our Bodies

I am a dancer. It’s a word that defines me, and hopefully always will. I want to dance while I brush my teeth, like my mother always does, until my dying day.    The dance world has this silly thing going on. The entire…

September 9, 2013

The Body: One Half of a Whole & Happy Soul

I am fascinated by the human body. All its organ systems, processes, and strengths – all its healing methods, abilities, and intuitions…if you give the body a chance to prove its greatness to you – even in pondering alone – it will. Time and…

August 27, 2013