Started in 2012, The Small Seed is the ultimate resource for the person of faith to find community, inspiration, and hands-on ideas for leading a life of faith. Our mission is to connect believers, and to inspire you with motivation and ideas on your road of discipleship. We believe that “by small and simple things great things come to pass”, and that the small things we do to share and grow our faith can literally move mountains. Whether you are looking for support, to share or find ideas, or for inspiration to live your faith more fully, we hope you’ll pull up a chair, and be right at home here.

Meet The Team

Lizzy Jensen

Lizzy is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Small Seed. She is a mother, wife, and attorney, but the title she most prefers is believer.

Kim Stoddard

Kim is the Director of Community and Public Relations. She is a firm believer that living the small and simple truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bring about our greatest joys and accomplishments in life.

Tiffany Webster

Tiffany is the director of visual production. She believes life is about finding joy, while growing day-by-day in His grace.

Sarah Garner

Sarah is a wife, momma, graphic designer and believer from sunny Arizona. She knows that each of us are children of God and strives to live in a way that she can both feel His love, and share it with others.

Johanna Wagstaff

Johanna is the Grow Your Faith Editor. She hopes to make the world a little gentler. Her goal is to honor Jesus Christ.

Krista Horton

Krista is the Faith & Family Editor and loves that she gets to share and connect with others about two of the most valued things in her life: belief in God and her family.

Heidi Kreis

Heidi is the Story of Faith Editor. She believes that Jesus Christ helps and heals all things. She believes that sharing His Light brings joy everyday and in every circumstance.

Ali Miller

Ali is the Faith and Wellness Editor. A wife, a mother, a believer, she knows that God’s love is real, and spreading it is what life’s all about.

Melanie Burk

Melanie is the head of Website and Brand Development. She finds her greatest joy in sharing how her faith has sustained and led her life.

Jeni Awerkamp

Jeni is the Social Media Coordinator at The Small Seed. Her life’s mission is to help others see their individual greatness, to acknowledge life’s goodness, and to believe in God with a fullness.