God Knows Me, and You, and All of Us

November 11, 2013

Have you noticed the running theme through our lately posts? Babies. Heartache. Blessings!

The two tremendous stories of faith – Jessica’s here, and Jen’s here – eloquently expressed that heartache comes with losing children, and that hope will see you through the unknown.

Yesterday, Lizzy’s post alluded to the fear that can come with gaining children. Then it professed the power of others support when trudging through trials and conquering them.

And Kelly, all the way from Africa, shared with us the smiles ofย sweetย Ugandan children. Then she asked us to share our own smiles with others – smiles as gentle and genuine as theirs.

So, can I pipe up while on this timely topic?

I’m just breaking through the clouds of a miscarriage. I’m summiting the steep hill of loss. I’ve felt so awfully sad…this loss hurt both my body and my heart.

And yet, I’ve been incredibly, optimally helped (ohh, how I’ve been loved)! And you know what’s overwhelming me right now? Gratitude. This “baby” theme around here has been perfect, and we writers didn’t plan any of it. These posts have “just come”…

And mostly, probably, for me.

God watches out for us. And if we’re watching out for Him, we’ll see Him. He helps us in the most subtle and beautifully blatant ways…keep an eye out for your Heavenly Father’s love this week, will you? He is reaching out to you, too. I’m sure of it.

Cheers upon cheers upon cheers!ย Jeni

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    Thank you for sharing your story. Love to you!

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