"With a quick prayer in my heart, I prayed to know that I could start anew...I prayed to know that I wasn’t alone. Naturally I expected nothing to happen. But as always, God proved me wrong. "
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"The game can’t be played as well when the flesh is willing but the spirit is weak. Since schools can’t address spirituality, the home is the place. How do we make our homes a school for the spiritual?"
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Abide With Me

We’re so grateful to Aubry Bennion for sharing a piece of her heart and faith with us as our guest poster today! She’s also hand lettered a beautiful download for you which you can find after the post. Thank you Aubry!

I’m a really good planner and really, really good at diving deep into the heart of exciting things, but the follow through – I’ve got a ways to go before I conquer that one. I’ve started more projects than I’ve finished and more often than not, I default to toast and grapes for dinner after pulling all the dinner ingredients out onto the countertop. I was recently reminded, though, that the Lord never fails me with His follow through.

I’ve been working for my firm for nine years now and never doubted my ability to do my job. I was made for it.  It was made for me! But I’ve been working on a project for the last year that, for the first time in my entire professional career, has made me doubt all my skills and the ability to do any of it. And so, more often than ever before, I find myself in the women’s restroom; head to the stall door with my eyes closed as if I’m seven years old playing hide and seek; saying my most earnest prayers. These silent, constant prayers are usually a plea for a calm heart (so far, there isn’t a single thing a calm heart hasn’t made entirely better!) and, as a professional communicator, the ability to be deliberate with my words. I pray to say what I mean with professionalism, strength, yet humility.

I had a meeting a couple weeks ago, late in the afternoon that had my gut sunk all the way to the floor the whole day through. I prayed to my Heavenly Father all day long. I prayed and I prayed and I prayed through the day’s meetings, phone calls, lunch hour, and when the time came – I prayed as I drove to my appointment. When I arrived, I clearly felt the Lord ushering me into the elevator and conference room with a “you’ve got this!” send off to do my thing. The meeting went by in a flash and every worry I worried was a complete non-issue. It was as if the Lord wiped those things right off the table and provided me a volume of words I needed exactly for the hour. I was so pleased with the outcome; I may have done a little heel-kick in the elevator on my way out the door. It was the clearest, most evident answer to my prayers I’ve ever experienced.

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And so, practicing the art of following through – the way the Lord so willingly does for me so many times over – I prayed all the way home. This time, instead of pleading for His help, I prayed in gratitude for buoying me both when I’m aware of my need for His strength and when He guides me regardless of my asking. “Thru cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me.” (Abide With Me!, LDS Hymnbook p.166)

Aubry is the creative genius and founder of Hello Maypole. You can connect with Aubry on instagram @aubryeliz and @hellomaypole, or find more gorgeous prints like this one at her shop here.


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