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6 Ways to Have Gratitude Through Hard Times

November 25, 2015

At one time or another, everyone experiences sorrow and hardship. While the holidays are full of joy and celebration, it can be a hard time for many. Some may feel inadequate and stressed as the to-do list grows, others may experience a strong sense of longing for loved ones missed. Whatever you may be feeling, below is a list of 6 simple ideas to help you keep a grateful heart this holiday season.


  1. Serve Others

One of my favorite examples is of our Savior. How devastating it must have been for Christ the day he learned that his dear friend and cousin, John the Baptist, was martyred. Yet despite his personal grief, that same day, He compassionately blessed and healed a great multitude, fed the 5,000, and walked on water to rescue His disciples who were in the midst of a great storm. His example teaches us that our lives truly become more meaningful, and whole, when we forget about our own heartache and lose ourselves in the service of others.

In college, I made it a point to spend time at a local homeless shelter during finals week. It was the most stressful time of the year for me, yet I looked forward to the small moment of time where I could forget about my own problems and focus on others. Service helps us put things into perspective and remember all we truly have to be grateful for. When we serve, we get to be God’s hands—and that alone, is a reason to give thanks.

Click here for a list of service ideas.

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