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Traditions of Faith : Back to School Feast

August 16, 2016
It’s that time of year again! The school year is coming upon us quickly…or if you’re like me you might already be a couple weeks in! So whether you have started school or soon will, whether your kids are homeschooled or attend a private school, this tradition is for you! It is the perfect way to help kids “put on the armor of God” before sending them off in the world.
I’m sure many of you have seen a few of these #backtoschoolfeasts floating around social media (and if you haven’t then I’m glad you are here!). With my first child starting his first year in a public school kindergarten I knew this was a tradition of faith I wanted to start for my family. And I also know there is nothing like a tutorial from the pros, so we are sending that straight to you today! Jamie Cook (@wander_and_scout) is our guest poster today telling us all about her family’s back to school feasts.
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Five years ago, when my firstborn was headed off to kindergarten, we started the tradition of throwing a back-to-school feast the night before school started. They’d choose their favorite foods, I’d decorate the table with school supplies, we’d introduce a theme for that school year, and we’d end the night with each child receiving a father’s blessing (a special prayer given to each of them by their dad.)


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