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Monday Message: Finding purpose after heartbreak

This week I received a letter from a dear friend who’s been going through a really tough year. With her permission I wanted to share some of her letter here:

“A few months ago I lost my job, and as you know, that job was my identity. I lost my identity. It shook my soul. I’m trying to remember that my true identity is as a daughter of God. It is hard to remember. Last year I met the man of my dreams. I prayed from the minute we started dating for Heavenly Father to guide me. I fell in love. He loved me too. We supported each other for 9 months, not even an argument. There was another lady, and after a few months he said he loved me but felt he had more feeling for her. I died a little that day. Another huge disappointment. At that point I still had no job. My family circled me. That was a beautiful blessing. I’m still grieving. 1 week later I found a job that I love, which was another huge blessing. But I do not know how to keep going. I cry before work, after work, I’m studying and praying and hoping genuinely for God’s will, but I can’t seem to find peace. How do I find the peace? I’m trying to find faith to know there is a plan. There is a plan right? How do we survive these life changing things? How do I smile and laugh? How do I become the woman Heavenly Father wants me to be and how do I want it too?”

I asked her if I could write my answer here in the hopes that it can be helpful to anyone else struggling with the same questions (don’t each of us at some point or another?!), and to get any ideas from you! So this is for my friend, and for any of you who may be struggling right now.

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