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Walking With the Women of the New Testament

 book review

You may remember our Friday Feature with Heather Farrell as she was furiously working on her book “Walking With the Women of the New Testament.” Well, it is now published and I am lucky enough to share my thoughts about this beautiful book.

What an interesting title, “walking” makes it feel like we are doing more than just learning about the women of the New Testament.  We are walking with them, experiencing life with them. I have a bit of a unique experience with this book as the photographer, Mandy Jane Williams, is a dear friend and lives in the same little farming community as I do.  If you only bought this book for the artwork, it would be worth EVERY penny (but don’t – because the text is just as wonderful and tells the story of every woman in the New Testament).  It is truly breathtaking. Mandy used many of the beautiful women that I rub shoulders with every day to depict the women from the New Testament. I couldn’t help but tear up when I saw one of my children’s favorite babysitters as Mary.  Mandy could not have picked a more wonderful Mary . . . so sweet, so kind, and so virtuous.

mary screen shot


My sister-in-law and niece are depicted as the “Honorable Women of the Greeks.”

I could go on and on about how the lives of the women I know and love, young and old, parallel the lives of the women they depicted.

It just so happened that I experienced a loss while reading this book, and I drew great strength from the wonderful women whose stories are told in the book. I was heartbroken, empty, and without hope. I would read it and lie in bed pondering how Mary the mother of Jesus dealt with heartbreak; how Mary Magdalene dealt with emptiness; and how the woman with an issue of blood dealt with hopelessness. I was reminded that I am not alone. The feelings of a woman’s heart have been felt for centuries. As I drew on the examples of these faithful women, I felt courage grow within myself. It didn’t make everything better, but it did give me hope.


If “walking” with the women of the New Testement means to glean strength from their lives, to draw closer to the Savior by their testimonies, and to become a more faithful woman, then I think this book is spot on.

Here is a link to the book trailer:

“Walking With the Women of the Old Testament” is available on Amazon and at Deseret Book.

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