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Let the Light Through

Hello friends – it’s been awhile since I’ve laid paper to thought (hopefully you’ve been as inspired as I by so many incredible stories of faith lately!), so I’m popping in for a brief word or two.

I’ve never liked Halloween. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of fears and I don’t typically enjoy being frightened. But in light of the season, I thought it would be fitting to discuss one particular and terrible fear that is far too common in our human nature – that is, the fear of never being enough, also known as the burden of perfectionism. It’s a fear that I battle on a regular basis, and maybe you’re fighting that battle with me? If so, I have a defense to offer you, so keep reading!

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I'm a wife, mom, and attorney, but the title that means the most to me is believer. I've seen God move mountains in my life, and started The Small Seed to help others who are looking for Him. Want to chat more? Contact me at
Jeni is a wife and mother, a creative dabbler, and a writer. She is grateful for so much in life, especially her tried and true faith in God.
Kelly is a newly graduated pharmacist with a passion for running, nature, good books, and most importantly having and sharing faith.
Kim is a wife, mother of three, faith seeker, avid reader, sunshine soaker, mountain hiker, accidental country girl, and lover of all things beautiful.
Melanie is a designer, teacher, collector of happy, and lover of life. She believes that life is for loving and believing.